Deep Blue Desing


4vita is a family business with privately-owned herbal crops on the island of Crete in Greece. The fields of 4vita is a living laboratory where grows Cretan herbs while many of them are grown organically.

A visit to the herb crops of 4vita is enough to lead you to a sea of ​​colors. Colors combine with light, earth, sky and create the most beautiful canvas. The colors of high contrasts and tones that flood you with a happy mood, generously shared by nature, gave us the inspiration for the design of the packaging. This feeling is so strong from the moment you step into the farm that becomes a need to draw and to make it an image of life. All these colorful palettes we used were so far from the usual of describing natural products such as brown and green in low tones, but we preferred to invest in feeling.

The line drawings of each package in the series are contained in a harmonious color palette, thus defining the visual identity of the series. The texts on the face of the package are not only information but also give a communicative character to the product.

The attraction to nature is always a desirable experience for anyone, so for this project, the attraction of the consumer on the packaging was the first and most important goal for us giving him the feeling that he is in a flowered field. The visual identity we wanted to create is related to the well-being we experience close to nature, following a way of life with substance and health.